The Final Days for Seniors of 2010!!! =D

     The end is near for the Seniors!  On May 13, 2010 the seniors at the Fort Morgan High School will complete their time in this school.  Even though this is a relief for the seniors, it is also a time to prepare for college and get jobs for the summer.  Through this transition seniors are balancing on the line of Chaos and Freedom.  This quest is chronicled with numerous memories and plenty laughs and sadness.

     This is a rough time for family, friends, and teachers.  Various emotions are running through every one’sminds at the same time. 

For friends:  Will we ever see one another again, or anytime soon?  What will new and old friendships bring?  Also, What will are future bring for ourselves and the others? 

Parents:  Their emotions are extremely different from their children’s.  Wondering what their child’s future will bring them?  Where will they end up in 4 or 5 years?  Will they be living in dorms, apartments, or if they plan on staying with their parents?  Will they even go to college after high school?  And many more.

Teachers:  Will they use the skills we have taught them to use?  What will they become in the future?  Plus others.

The final days for the seniors are intense.  They have finals to finish, important papers to get turned in before the final day, and the most important thing would be to make sure that they have their stuff ready for graduation day (well most of it).

      Most of the seniors are leaving right after summer.  Which means starting school in the early fall.  We wish all the seniors good luck in the future and what they plan to do with their lives.  GOOD LUCK SENIORS!!! =D


        graduation     Graduation is just around the corner.  The seniors at the Fort Morgan High School are preparing for this monumental event in their lives.  Graduation is a time of commencement, but also a time of preparing for the next step.  This next step can be college for some, work for others, and the military.  Each of these decisions requires planning, careful thought, and adjustment.  To make the leap to adult hood is not an easy task.  Transitioning for high school to the real world requires each person to be self motivated, willing to try something new, and be prepared to lead.  In high school students are not expected to motivate themselves, but rather to listen to a teacher and rely on the teacher to constantly remind them of deadlines.
                On May 23, 2010, at two p.m., the Seniors at Fort Morgan High School will take part in the commencement ceremonies.  As usual, graduation will be held at Legion Field.  The one thing that is awkward about this year’s graduation is that it is on a Sunday.  This may conflict with people’s religious practices since Sunday is usually reserved for church and family time.  Even though graduation will be at two, this still seems to be fairly close to church and can cause conflict with personal beliefs and support of a graduate.  Many times in the past, graduation was held on Saturday since that is solidly in the weekend, but does not conflict with work or church.  We’ll have to see how it all plays out.
                To transition students should be prepared to know when things are to be completed, when only told once or notified via memo.  I know that all the seniors graduating this year will do great and succeed in each of their endeavors.   I wish each senior good luck in the transition for high school to where ever their life may take them.  This marks the beginning of their lives.  Graduation is not only an ending, but is the beginning of life!

Wild West Ride

    Couple Riding Horses 001 Have you ever wondered about riding from Pinesbluff, Wyoming all the way to New Mexico? 

     On April 13, 2010, a beautiful day to be outside, a married couple decided that it would be an adventure and take a horse hide all the way from Pine Bluffs, Wyoming all the way to New Mexico.  They had no reason for doing this, just thought that it would be fun.  Each of them had two horses; two of the lead horses carrying them, while the other two horses were carrying all the necessities.  They had bags of clothes packed, pots, pans, canteens, and blankets, ect. 

     The wife said that she and her husband went all the way through the Black Hills last year.  Which was about 300 miles from where they got off from.  Now riding horse back for many days and nights can get pretty exhausting.  But not for this hip couple.  They love riding their horses, which explains why they travel around just on horses. 

     This couple is an inspiration!  If you think that taking a car ride from one state to the other is extremely boring you are right, try it riding on a horse.  You get to be outside all the time, don’t have to worry about paying for gas, or worry about a flat tire, your engine blowing up, etc.  Riding a horse may be a great experience. 

     Good luck you two on your adventure to New Mexico!  Hope you have a safe horse back ride, and are safe!Couple Riding Horses 002Couple Riding Horses 003



            Fort Morgan Tennis is underway at Fort Morgan High School.  This year’s girl’s tennis team has a wide range of athletes spanning all grades.  With such a wide range of talent these girls will be able to grow as a team and succeed.  Under the guidance of Ms. Bauman, the tennis team will fly to victory not only once, but numerous times!

            This year the tennis team has exponentially grown in size.  In previous years, the tennis team has been a small sport, but all of a sudden we see a huge team.  With so many girls willing and ready to play tennis, we will have no shortage of energy, talent, and heart!  As these girls grow under the guidance of the few seniors playing, they will be learning from Fort Morgan’s best players.  The younger girls who have signed up this year will be able to grow and mature in order to lead others when they are older.

            We wish the tennis fleet smooth sailing through their season, overcoming any obstacle in their way.  All for one, and one for all:  that is the tennis team’s chant!  Grow together, help each other, and be successful!! GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fort Morgan Mural Project

     Recently a new mural has been talked about throughout the community.  The Chamber of Commerce has decided to erect a mural in downtown Fort Morgan.  This artistic touch would liven the atmosphere downtown and show off the new renovation recently done downtown.  The question on everybody’s mind is; what it will be off.

            In order to solve this dilemma a contest has been proposed to see what the mural will be of.  The people competing in this contest must submit oil, watercolor or acrylic paintings, digital photo renderings or even graphic designs on an eight-inch by sixty-inch paper.  This would give the Chamber a great idea of how the mural would look downtown.  The deadline for this contest is Monday, March 15.  Whoever wins this contest will not only have their artwork displayed in the downtown mural, but also would receive a $200 prize.

            It will be interesting to see which contestant will win and what the mural will look like.  Whoever wins will obviously deserve it and will be rewarded greatly.  Let’s all hope the mural is a huge success and beautifies Fort Morgan!

Locker Separation!!

     Students of the Fort Morgan High School!  Do you ever wonder why the lockers here are separated into four different sections?  Are you wondering the reason for this? Well it’s very simple.  For those not attending the Fort Morgan High School, the lockers are on both floors first and second.  They are basically in four different halls.  There is the History/World Geography Hall, and English Hall which are both of the second floor.  Then you have the Science and Math Halls which are on the first floor.  The lockers all circle around. 

     Each grade level is sectioned into each halls.  Seniors are put in the English hallway, Juniors are put into the History/World Geography Hall.  Then you have the Sophomores which are put into the Science hallway along with the History/World Geography Hall, and last are the freshmen who are separatedinto the Math hallway and part of the Science Hall.  But there is a catch to all this.  Only 25 percent of students use the lockers.  With that mostly Freshmen and Sophomores some Juniors and Seniors use the lockers at the high school. 

     There are about 922 lockers in the Fort Morgan High School.  All students have the choice to use the lockers or not.  Usually those who have cars use them as their lockers.  Which that means they normally carry their books tell they get to lunch, then they switch their books once they are headed back from lunch.  As you can see there is basically no reason why lockers are separated.

Mini Teacher Profile: Mr. Broda :)

Mr. Broda was born on June 30, 1981 to his mom and dad, in Denver, Colorado.  He went to college at UNC!  His favorites are the  color black.  His favorite animal would have to be a fox, he loves biology followed closly by art.  When asked what his favorite food was, his response was this, “Too many to count ask me another day!”  When asked what type of music he listened to , he stated, “Anything but rap! Also the late 90’s and/or surfing music.” 

     One of Mr. Broda’s embarrassing moments was “Spell apple…Ask me later!”  When asked what career he wanted to pursue later on in life, he responded, “Wants to be an evil scientist, and I’m already on the right track.”  Last question that had been asked was:  If you could pick any shoe what would you be and why?  He quoted, “A pair of Teva sandles because you can wear them anywhere.
     Students if you have this crazy biology teacher as one of your own teachers ask him what his favorite food is.  Also maybe you can get that embarrassing moment out of him that he didn’t want to share.  Good Luck!

Attention Fort Morgan High School Student’s!!!!

     Do you feel like you don’t ever have enough time to get your homework done?  Does it feel that when you are doing your homework you get frustrated and can’t take it anymore?  Many student’s don’t ever have the time to finish their homework when they get home right after school, they either have to go home and get ready for work or they just don’t have the time because they have to deal with things at home.  Well there is a solution for this.

Step 1:  Schedule an established time to do homework daily:  It doesn’t matter what grade you are in, you should or need to set routines for yourself to get your assignments aka homework finished.  Some of us are better doing it right after school.  You can find some sort of routine to sit down and do your homework between your busy schedule.

Step 2:  Take 5-minute breaks after every 20 minutes:  Find some activity or any other elective that you can think of and do in between your breaks.  If you keep your breaks structured, you will understand this as as part of the routine and not a time to wander off and get distracted and lose all focus you had.  Short, frequent breaks help you recharge.

Step 3:  Stop yourself when you can’t go on:  If you are getting tired or frustrated, stop yourself.  Homework shouldn’t take more than at least 20 minutes to complete depending on what level you are.  Talk to your teachers and let them know how long it takes you to complete your assignments.  They should understand and might give you less then they assign.  Make a plan with your teacher so that you can feel success with homework and every one’s time will be spent.

Step 4:  Request an extra set of textbooks to use at home:  Student’s if you are more organized, you are more in likely to leave your books in your locker.  That way you always have an extra copy at home that you can use.  Having homework material at home is crucial.  Once you fall behind it’s very hard to get caught right up with your class.  Many school’s don’t have extra copies. so you might have to purchase one on your own.

Step 5:  Find the right location for yourself to do daily homework:  Make sure that this place has lighting and is not full of cluster.  If you have learning differences and/or ADHD, they get distracted very easily with their workspace.  Make sure that you have what you actually need like extra paper, pencils/lead, and mostly a computer, none of the unwanted things such as a comic book or basically anything that will distract you. 

Step 6:  Have some help organizing papers for after school homework and prepare for the next school day:  When you have completed your homework you should feel accomplished!  Make sure that you  put your completed homework in the right folders or binder.  Keep your quizzes, tests, and completed homework at home so you can study for major tests or other daily assignments. 

     If you put these steps into action you are gaurenteed to finish your homework.  Then you won’t go crazy and freak out because you have numerous pages of homework.  Take these steps one at a time.  Good Luck To You FMHS Students!

What Students Like To Do On Their Free Time!

      Here at the Fort Morgan High School there are four different grades; Freshmen(9th), Sophomore (10th), Junior (11th), and last a Senior (12th).  These students are very hard working and know what they need to get done.  Some of the students are exuberant, mellow, well known, easy going, new, quiet, loud, and obnoxious.  Under all that they get along well with their teachers and peers.

     All students here have priorities, such as, getting homework turned in, but maybe not all the time, get all their credits for graduation, try to at least make it on the honor roll at least once or numerous times, getting to school on time, and so many more.  Here these students have to take multiple tests, and quizzes in their required classes, such as, Math, Science, Spanish, English, and so on.  At the end of each quarter they have to take finals on what they’ve learned that following quarter.  That takes place the last two days before Christmas break, as well as the last two days of school.

     Two major tests that take place here at the high school would be the CSAP (Colorado Student Assessment Program), which is taken by the freshmen and sophomores.  Then you have the ACT/SAT, which is taken by the juniors.  The seniors on the other hand don’t have to worry about any tests except for being prepared and ready to go for their graduation.

     The freshmen take three different tests for the CSAP, such as writing, reading, and math.  The sophomores take basically the same tests, but on the other hand they have one other tests included, which would be science.  Now the CSAP’s for the sophomores take four days in the morning since they have an extra test to take.  The freshmen take the test for only three days during the morning as well.  The juniors take one day to take the ACT/SAT.  They may take as many times as they want, but you have to pay for it.

     Between all the homework, tests, after school activities, sports, and jobs what goes on when these kinds of things aren’t being done.  Are they hanging out with friends, driving around or even studying some more?  Well that is where the question comes in:  What do the students of the Fort Morgan High School like to do on their Free Time?

     Here are what some of the students here at your very own school had to say!

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